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Cleaned the down pipes.

Oven cleaner and a linen cloth got the sticky remains of my bike cover off my down pipes. They almost look good as new now. I'm an idiot and thank you internet.
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I did the same **** thing. melted cheap poly cover to top of pipes.
I used 2000 grit wet/dry paper. I like your solution MUCH better.
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When I first get a bike I use Glare + Polish on all surfaces even the exhaust pipe and headers. I recently dropped a purple microfiber towel on the header of my new Bobber. It melted instantly as I had just turned off the bike after a long ride. I waited until it cooled and it peeled of without a trace. Glare seems to really work in coating surfaces and bonding to them. It withstands heat and the shine is unrivaled with the other products I have tried. It saved me from having to use a razor blade to remove the meted plastic. I reapplied the Glare to the pipe to be sure.
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Piece of sugar is also very handy...
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Oven cleaner and linen cloth... never thought of using that combination before. Don't beat yourself up too much about it, we all do stupid things from time to time
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It might to test this out for yourself on a small area that won't be noticed easily if you don't get the outcome you want due to the chemicals in it. Always helps to be on the safe side
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so i was wiping down my tank with a microfiber towel and i accidentally had the towel touch and melt on the hot exhaust header. was really bad, i mean it was caked on! luckilly the internet to the rescue (as i thought to myself, this has had to have happened to somebody else). saw many options to try, like the oven cleaner, acetone/nail polish remover, steel wool, etc. however, the only item i had was nail polish remover. so i tried that, but had no impact on the melted caked on plastic. i then came across information of using a copper penny to scrape off the residue. they actually stopped making pennies out of copper a while back, so it was noted to use like a penny dated before 1987. didn't have anything older, so figured, i would just try any old penny. luckilly it worked like a charm! and no scratching of the stock header. after i scraped off the residue, i then polished the pipes with metal polish. will definitely be more careful about using those microfiber towels, as i never really gave it any thought but they are mostly made of polyester (basically plastic). best advice is to wait til the bike cools down before any wiping down.
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Cleaning Headers

Hi All,

Check out this video, itís for a different exhaust system mounted on a T120 but the advice it gives is sound. Iíve been using Autosol on my pipes since I bought the bobber and it works a treat!

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Flitz metal polish is actually really darn good as well. Very easy on and off and shines brilliantly. There's also Mothers metal polish as well.
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