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Harley is trying to evolve...

I don't know that they'd ever sway me to buy one, but like them or not, looks like they are now making a genuine effort to depart from what they've been known for. If you haven't seen the news, pretty interesting:


What they are doing in the realm of electric was surprising to me, especially the bicycle/scooter segment:


I hope they are at least somewhat successful, I'd love to see triumph or ducati start looking at electric more seriously. Anyhow, just thought it worth sharing if you hadn't seen this in the news yet.
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Hi Siggs,

Thank you for sharing that, very interesting.

I have owned Harley's on and off since the 80's and just after putting a deposit on my Bobber, called into a HD dealer. I was very disappointed at their offerings, it seemed like there was nothing special and very little had changed. I think as well as embracing the future they should also embrace their past. I feel it was a mistake to abandon the Springer model, which for me was perhaps the only one I would have considered buying.


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The Streetfighter isn't bad but the Pan America adventure bike is pretty grim. By the way, didn't Harley try this earlier with the V-Rod?

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I really like the look of the smaller e-bikes they're considering. That little orange one looks cool. If it was something I could mount on a bike rack, and park it on the sidewalk like a bike, I'd be all over it, rather than paying for parking in a ramp every day.

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It’s about time for HD to be doing this. Maybe, well past time. They’ve taken a real beating in the last ten years when they sold almost 365k bikes. This past year I think it was about 245k. That’s a loss of 1/3 of unit sales!! �� For way too long they’ve resisted alienating the “faithful” only to see sales continue to decline. What they seemed to not realize is that the faithful who buy their big cruisers will continue to do so until they’re long gone. Why would they be turned off by HD entries in other segments. Those wouldn’t be marketed to them anyway. But, not having bikes in those othose segments just doesn’t attract younger, more performance oriented riders who also don’t want to spend $20k plus on a motorcycle. If HD is serious about the broadening of the line, their dealers have to get behind it and not look down their noses at these bikes (like they did with Buell, the V-Rod and the early Street bikes (the latter, admittedly, not great bikes). Like Roy, I used to ride HDs, went to look at what they had (nothing new), bought an Indian Scout, then the Bobber. Right now, HD has not much to compare. I hope they’re serious. The industry could use a boost and, like it or not, HD is still sort of the “elephant in the room.”
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I've ridden a couple of HD's, and for that reason, have never owned one. I remember going to a UK dealer open day several years ago, and being astounded at the price of accessories and clothing - I remember seeing a plain black T shirt which would have cost £10 for a good quality one being priced at £40 just for a printed logo.

As someone who "doesn't get" the HD thing, it strikes me a bit like Apple, form and marketing hype over function ( I used to have to support Macs, and would never ever own one!) but people seem to get sucked into it. HD will continue to bounce along on their knuckles whilst the rest of the world walks upright...


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That adventure bike is one of the worst looking bikes I have ever seen.
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I knew I'd seen it before somewhere
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I can remember as a kid seeing a Harley chugging through Sandwich when they were exotica in Britain (the late 60's) and it was an impressive beast back when most people owned Triumph 650's or Jap two strokes. Then I lived in the US for a while and saw a lot more of them. They are a bit of an acquired taste. One which I never managed to acquire.

They seemed to be in a death spiral in the bad old AMF days, but hauled themselves back. Partly as Larry observes by marketing non motorcycle stuff at inflated prices. Something which most motorcycle makers now seem to have cottoned on too as well. I think as Jerrman points out they need to stop being the tail wagged by the "faithful" dog and start building bikes that will appeal to a wider audience. The rise of Indian must have poached a lot of sales from these traditionalists anyway.
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The Pan America isn't horrible, if they redesigned the headlight/windshield it would drastically change the look of the bike. Until then, no thanks.

The others are interesting, and good to another bike brand trying to change it up.
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