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Wife wants to get a Street Cup...not the best idea financially...but...

It's doable. I would rather not....because we have a young child and so we'd only be riding solo. I don't mind solo riding because I'm far more into the hobby than my wife is or ever was--having been a rider since 1998. And she didn't talk about wanting a bike, or mention anything about it till I recently picked up my Bobber Black.

To top it off...we're getting a great deal on a 2017 warehouse queen. So the bike is a good price, but I fear we'll buy it, and she'll never ride it....wasting money on insurance and taking up more discretionary income (we'd be getting another loan).

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Whoa! Rock and a hard place, if you ask me (sort of, you're screwed if you do, screwed if you don't). Why the sudden interest on her part? Just because you bought the Black? Sounds a bit odd, like there's something else. What have you ridden previously? A two-up bike? Maybe the answer is somewhere there.
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Wife wants a bike, buy the wife a goddamn bike! And count your blessings...
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If you can afford it, go for it, yer getting a 'good deal' so should be able to shift it on if it sits for a few months doing nothing

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0-60 in .......oh! wait.... I really don't care anymore (but it's still 1200cc of raw throbbing Trumpet so bugger off Mr.Scooter!)
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Go for it!
Once your wife shares the passion and has more understanding for it, it will probably be a lot easier to get things approved! :-)

The Bobber Black is triggering a similar thing here:
My wife doesn't have a motorbike license and has never been thinking about it since she has some malformation on her left fingers, so she cannot use a clutch. She didn't ride as passenger for 15 years or so, since she didn't like my riding style on the Speed Triple, and never cared about my hobby since then. Except for trying to talk me out of it.

After I got the Bobber, she asked me if she could sit on it and had me walk her through all the controls. Happened again two days later.
And keeps happening ever since. I have it up on the paddock stack, working on something: "Hey, can I sit on it?" "No, not now." "But later, OK?"

Then later on: "Would you mind getting off? I'd like to continue working on it." "Just one more moment." "Why do you sit on it at all? You don't even have a license?" "I really like it, I think it's cool."

So I'm trying to talk her into getting an eBike and getting her license, wouldn't have to use a clutch there :-)

With the background that I never thought my wife would be able to ride a bike (because of the clutch), I've always seen this as a sad circumstance. Maybe this is why I have a slightly different perspective: for me it would be a total no brainer to support her getting her license and own bike.

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Would love to ride with my wife BUT, (and this is a big one), she sees things differently from what I do. At least I finally figured that out after years of "watch out for that car" warnings, etc. and startling the **** out of me because there isn't any car. When I would look for what she was talking about, I'd say, "yes, but that car is about 1/4 mile away." Now, I understand that because of her unusual vision, she sees things a lot closer than they really are. So, I've thought about the side view mirror writing on cars which says, "things are closer than they seem." On her glasses, I've wanted to engrave,
"things are further away than they seem." For some strange reason, she doesn't agree with this suggestion. Needless to say, having her on a motorcycle is probably not a good idea.
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Well...a little backstory...she and I both rode together in the past. She rode a few different sportbikes through the years, but her level of interest was more nonchalant than enthusiast. Eventually I'd start telling her that if she didn't ride her motorcycle that I'd end up selling it. Eventually she said to sell it. So that's why I think it'll be history repeating itself.

So it's not some newfound interest in motorcycles...or that she's new to it. I was off a bike for a bit because of we had a child, now the child is a bit older and I was sort of feeling the urge again to the degree that I didn't want to wait any longer. When I got my bike I asked her if she'd ever want to ride with me on it, and she said no. That opened up my choices to the Black, and that's what taken home. But I think she just is feeling some of the shoppers' euphoria and once we get it....it'll wane and just end up being a second unused bike in the garage.

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Whammy, that's tough. When I bought my Bobber I asked my lady if she would ever consider riding on the back of a bike. She stood firm and said "No way!" Just this week she mentioned how cool it would be to ride two up...

She's not looking to buy a bike nor did she ride before but I was thinking of picking up something else, maybe late 90's Sportster to take her out on (as well as a project bike). Maybe the answer lies in a bike that fits two up and that you would also like to ride? Or buy one of the new Honda SuperCubs because those look fun as all heck.

Either way, good luck!
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I have two bikes. The Bobber is mine for solo stints. When the lovely lady wants to come along we take out my ZX12. Wife has never ridden and has no interest but she likes to hop on the bike every now and then.

In your situation I understand your concern however if she wants a bike, she has as much right to one as you have. Let her buy it.....and you get the choice of two bikes when she goes off it. win/win
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A happy wife is a happy life. Do it, it will be much easier for you in the long run. Trust the old heads on here, those that are grey and have been married for a few years, they know through the mistakes they made, learn from them.
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