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it needed something to counter the HD 48,it is a success.
I will have to choose? difficult.
Bobber's spirit is more in the original model. the front wheel ..
the fork, the brakes more efficient .. yes .. but is it really necessary on this kind of bike?
if I want to brake hard .. I use the 765RS ..we do not get drunk with strawberry milk ...

black, it's beautiful,all black, it may be a little too much.
I am sure that those who have mounted black pieces on the first Bobber will sell the aluminum parts to the owners of the Black Bobber
I bet that buyers will love the front ... but regret the "all black".nature is thus made. Triumph is very intelligent. and I'm a fool to ask myself if any part of this new Bobber would not be "top" on mine..

it's not a yes or no answer
it would be rather:
I do not want to go to a shop the day I'm morally weak because I might change my motorcycle again. just like that..to say to have had one.
elles sont si belles, toutes
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Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
Hi y'all - just a thought - if you own a Bobber currently, would you switch to a Bobber Black, and, if so, why or why not? What do those of us think who have ordered a BB?
As soon as I saw images of the original Bobber I thought I have to have one of these!! By the time I was ready to buy one the images of the Bobber Black were circulating and I initially thought it looked even better. But then I got the offer of a used original (<600 miles on her) for much less than list price and went for it. Do I regret it? No. The more I look at it I definitely prefer the original exhaust and engine covers to the blacked out version, I love the Morello red as well. Would I like the double disk and beefed up front end? Maybe but not enough to change my bike. Likewise the cruise and headlight would be a good addition but I'm happy without.

For anybody that likes the blacked out exhausts and engine covers then I would say the difference in price makes the Black a better buy, but we all have different tastes so I wouldn't switch.

Mark Arbroath
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I do quite like the look of the Bobber Black and I'm sure it will sell well. One of the things that appealed to me about the original Bobber was (and is) the clean simple front end. I would like a better front brake and I plan to change to a Brembo or Pretech front caliper at some point, although I will stick with the single sided set-up.

I've spent a fair bit on Triumph and aftermarket accessories and am enjoying personalising my Bobber - a great canvas to work with. On balance nothing to make me change my current bike so I will be "sticking".
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No , don’t need the xtra weight xtra disc , chunky front end or rat bike appearance , prefer the shiny engine cases & red fuel tank ,
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I just bought my bike last week so I had the choice between the original or the black. It took me all of 5 seconds to pick the original.
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I took them both out for a test ride. I'm not going to lie , I love great brakes. I was already leaning black when I bought mine , but after a long ride (put 60 miles on a demo black , and another 15 on an original 19") I knew I wanted the Black. The open front wheel looks great , but the smaller wheel does too , in my opinion. The Brakes are leaps and bounds better on the black , and it also has larger forks , which I liked. The wider front tire also is less picky with imperfections in the road , but that's just a bonus , not a selling point.

Bottom line , they are both killer bikes.

So far behind , I think I'm in first place.
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I actually had a deposit on the first Bobber Black to be sold here in Scottsdale when announced. I changed my mind soon after. I like the old school.
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When my bike went in for a service and the Fox shock fitment I was given a Bobber Black to try. Within a few miles I felt that the Black was a better bike. However by the end of the test ride I was able to tell the dealer that, although the Black was more comfortable and a better ride, it lacked the character of the original.
On getting back on mine and riding home I found that the Fox shock had improved the comfort no end. I won't be changing.
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The BB looks good, but I like color. Plus, some times one needs to get off the treadmill and be happy for what one has. I think mine is absolutely gorgeous, runs & handles well. There will always be a better mouse trap to entice, my job is to appreciate what I have and resist the on-going temptation.

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To your point , If I already owned a Bobber , I certainly wouldn't trade it right in for the latest greatest. Shoot , the shine hasn't even worn off the 17's yet. While I was doing a little reading up on them , if I understand correctly , you can just bolt the cruise right on the 17's for a reasonable price. Anyone doing long stretches would find that little feature nice. It's been 15 years since I owned a black bike , I was overdue..........

So far behind , I think I'm in first place.
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