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It's rare to see a Triumph, much less a Bobber 50 mi north of Dallas. It could be that the Bobbers are being used as living room art in the cities, much like the advertisements make them out to be.

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Away from the dealer I’ve just seen one on the road and I live near the biking hotspot of Matlock Bath! They say the Bobber is the best selling Triumph of all time maybe people buy them and don’t ride ‘em?
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everyone thinks Bobber it's just visible in front of the"hipster" bars
in fact, they are wrong.Bobber gives pleasure to the animals of the countryside ..So, if you want to see Bobber, get off the big axes and breathe full lung on the handlebars of your motorcycles.

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I’ve seen one over the last year in Seattle.
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I have only seen one other and that was at the dealership for an event. My dealer in Milwaukee still has a couple 2017 models for sale! I wonder if Triumph will release sales numbers?

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I only know of one other guy who has one in my area. He´s a dear old friend and we sometimes ride together. We seem to have the habit of driving the same motorcycles, starting back in 1998 I think with a 1100 Honda Shadow.

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I saw three (3) at the Bournemouth DGR back in September as well as mine. There were 400+ bikes there though √
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If not seen another Bobber in Portland, Oregon.
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This is a good thing right? I mean you could be riding something you see one of on every street corner.
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I also saw 2 at least at the DGR in Oxford 2017 - 400 bikes present
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