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Originally Posted by JonSnow View Post
My wife rode a 2015 48. We sold it and after a few months without a bike we bought her a Street Twin. She loved it but missed the upright cruiser feeling.

We went back to back and road 4 new bikes: 1) HD 48 2) HD Iron Special 3) Bobber Black and 4) Bobber. She ended up going with the bobber, mini apes, x cat delete, V&H slip ons etc. Her reasoning: the bobber wasn’t nearly as top heavy, felt lighter (even though its only about 20 lbs different), was significantly faster, has more options (traction control, gas gauge, stock ABS, heated grips etc) and handled way better (turn in, cornering, low speed etc). Even though she had loved her HD 48; she was giggling and yelling over our Sena’s riding the bobber.

Why bobber vs bobber black? She’s only 105 pounds. To her (and I reluctantly agreed) the suspension is much softer and the front end is lighter on the bobber. The bobber black is definitely stiffer and the front end is heavier. Neither would have mattered to me and I would have gone for the better brakes, wider forks and cruise control. But at 105lbs it mattered to her and I want her 100% conformtable=safe. A win-win either way as I get to ride her Bobber when I’m not riding the Rnine T :-)

I agree with your wife. I sat on a few Harleys, one of them being the 48, and I had a devil of a time popping it upright. And I was slightly nervous that if I could barely lift it up, that it would just manhandle me. I know there are many small women out there riding big bikes just fine, but just my personal experience. The Bobber felt lightweight and easy in my hands. It was actually far easier cornering the Bob vs a scrambler (I have ridden the R nineT and owned a Ducati) as I felt the need to use the handlebars more with the scramblers and it is far easier to lean into the turns and corners with the Bob with its low center of gravity. It's a bike I'm not intimidated by. I love it and super happy I went with Triumph.
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