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Originally Posted by Ram View Post
Hi guys,

after my rear Cobra tyre was gone it was time for new tyres.

I decided to try some new and put light offroad tyres on the Bobber!

I know, some of you will declare my crazy to change from the Avons which are really good tyres, but I like to go different ways somethimes

I took the PIRELLI MT60 as I know this tyre from the Ducati Scrambler of my wife and on her bike it works very well!

Also it is available in the same sizes than the Original AVON Cobra and will be street legal therefore.

Had a test drive today and the tyres works very well on the Bobber!

And I love the rough look

Looks great Ram, thereís a guy called Finland Tony who put a youtube post on with same tyres, Iím just ordering them now but would like to check.

Did you stick Pirelli MT60 RS 150/80B16 RF TL 77H & Pirelli MT60 100/90 19 TL 57H tyres on?

Cheers, Jed
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