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VA meetup idea

I see that there is some interest in the WMA riders doing a meet-up ride. I was thinking of an over-nighter in the future, but for the first meet-up, it would be a great idea to at least ride somewhere a few hours away, have lunch, hang out, and see what ideas we can come up with "off forum".

I'm going to throw out the first proposal. I think the consensus is something only a few hours away - probably westerly. I have two ideas:

  1. "Sal's Italian Bistro" in Edinburg, VA. I've eaten there several times and the food is amazing. It's in a small town with one street and good parking. It offers a mix of highway and country road options perfect for the Bobbers.
  2. Tara's in Berkeley Springs, WV. Also a small town in the WV mountains, offers many routing options. Has local craft brews and a full bar. The food there is also fantastic.
Either option we can pick any weekend and make it a day of hanging out.


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