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Possibly New Owner

Good day all from the UK!

I’m possibly a perspective owner of a Bobber Black.....once I’ve decided which bike to get.

I’m currently the owner of a Honda CB1000R and looking to jump to the Triumph boat next Friday but I’m currently on the fence on what to get. I love my CB but it’s just too ‘beige’, no character and just does everything without any drama or soul.

I took a load of bikes out from my local dealer (Bill Smiths Chester) which included:

Yamaha MT09SP - Very quick but a bit too twitchy for my liking and was very on/off in terms of power delivery and braking.

Street Triple 675 RX - Second hand and low miles but there just wasn’t something about it that seemed right, guessing it had a hard life as it seemed a bit rattled and tired.

Street Triple 765 RS - This was a dream to ride, plenty of torque where needed and was just an all around dream.

You can see the pattern here, all middleweight naked sportbikes. I was aware of the Bobber and pretty much didn’t think anything of it due to it being single front disc (odd I know) but when I walked in to Bill Smiths I noticed a Bobber Black parked by the door and asked the dealer I was dealing with. “Oh that’s the new Black just come in, nicer suspension and dual front Brembo’s”. I asked him for a test ride just out of curiosity and WOW, the hour long test ride just wasn’t long enough as I was having way more fun than any of the other bikes I’d tried and had so much more character. Granted the riding position was a little alien to me and I nearly trapped my boot under the exhaust when moving off a couple of times (doh) but I always had a grin on my face and just loved the mechanical rumble it had and ease of use.

So yeah, in a nutshell next Friday I’m hoping to leave the dealer with a confirmed order sheet in my hand and it’ll either be a Street Triple RS or a Bobber Black!

Any other converted sporkbike riders on here?
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Welcome to the forum.

As amazing as the Black is, it sounds like you should be riding out of the dealers with a Street Triple 765 RS.
I had the triple R (facelifted model) and so glad I did before owning a Bobber. Such fantastic bikes. I also had other naked (sports) bikes and enjoyed them all.
I think if you feel the RS fits you (at this moment) better than the Bobber, itís the one to go for.
The Bobber has so many things gong for it - especially torque and feel good factor. But if your riding style is RS, then the Bobber may not provide the smiles youíre looking for when pushing along hard.
Just my thoughts after owning quite a few bikes and Iím sure other members here will chime in too with their experiences.

Have fun making your decision. It is a nice position to be in
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Thanks for chiming in!

I understand where you’re coming from, I’m used to naked middleweights which was why I liked the RS and the Bobber was only a curiosity ride but I honestly left the dealership sweating as I then had a choice between two very different but very good bikes. The RS suited me in terms of familiarity but the Bobber reminded me which I love twin cylinders, you can be lazy with the box and it’ll pull in any gear without any fuss.....and that exhaust note was just amazing, no idea how that meets regulation!

Looking for more feedback who’ve come from a naked middleweight and/or sportbike background to see how they’ve faired with the change of bike styles.

It’s going to be a tough choice either way...
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Sport naked bikes bring out the naughty in me. The Bobber however, allows for great thrills and sensations at much lower speeds.
If you a ready to hang up your knee sliders, then you will love the Bobber.
Also, do you use your bike daily & in all weather?
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Well, if you ride out of the dealership with the Street Triple you won’t be on this forum, and what fun is that? ����. Honestly, sounds like you had great fun riding both and that you can’t go wrong. May depend on the type of riding you’ll do most of the time. Good luck.
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Majority of my riding is just rolling along, no Rossi antics which is why I didn’t bother going for a sportbike over my CB (it was a choice between Fireblade and CB1000R when I was last on the market). If it’s raining then I won’t even consider going out on the bike as soggy riding ain’t fun in my book (I’m one of THOSE kind of riders).

I rode an SV650S for a few years prior to the CB so going to a 4 cylinder was a strange experience, riding the Bobber was like jumping back in to an old pair of boots, plenty of midrange but comfortable.

I guess I’ll be asking the dealer to take out an RS & Bobber again prior to talking any cash haha!
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I have the standard Bobber (with a few mods, Fox Suspension,Quilted seat etc ).
At 58 Iíve had all sorts of sports/sports touring type bikes over the years, I still own a Suzuki SV1000S.
The Bobber is a brilliant bike but does have its flaws ( tank range,brakes,suspension, seat comfort ) this is well documented and I knew of this before I bought mine,I am more than happy to live with this Iíve absolutely no regrets in buying this bike.
I too was very interested in the Bobber Black but I personally wasnít a fan of the all Black look on the ďBlackĒ especially the exhaust but the brakes and new Forks did have me wanting one.
My Bobber is a summer bike and would only be used in good weather so I opted for a second hand one saving £1800 on the new price and it only had 81 miles on ! I then had cash spare for the Retro clothing/helmet etc that goes with the Bike.
The Bobber is a great bike to ride and attracts attention everywhere you go.
Good Luck on what ever you choose, you are far more likely to keep your driving license being away from the sports bike scene too
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I’m 28 in a week and originally came from the fast car scene, funnily enough my last ‘quick’ car was a tuned Focus RS mk2 with 400hp at the wheels, now I happily drive a diesel as I came to realise speed is great but 70mph is still the limit.

The moral of that pointless story is high speed quickly loses its appeal and I always found I appreciated riding the most when cruising along in the welsh valleys and taking in the cliche ‘freedom of the road’. Likely the reason why I’m somewhat bored of my CB is because it only shines up at the top end of the rev counter and 70mph comes and goes before you’re even out of 2nd gear. Hence my interest to drop a cylinder to either a triple or a twin where the useable grunt is much lower down and useful.
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I rode sport bikes for years (Ducati and BMW). I probably would still be riding a sport bike if I could get my leg across the saddle. (I can't.) As much as I love my Bobber it is not a sport bike. (I got reminded of that when I took a curve too fast yesterday. )

That said, in the last month I have ridden my Bobber more than I rode my BMW R nineT the whole of last year. The Bobber is just plain fun and it has loads and loads of character.

I wish I could help you make up your mind but I can't. Have fun with whatever you decide to get.
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Triumph Bobber Black
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Scraped a foot peg or exhaust I take it? Haha

Slide side step question: what was your delivery time for your bike? I’ve never bought brand new before so unsure on the timescale between ordering and delivery. I’ve heard 6 weeks being the rule of thumb.
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