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First Bike EVER

Hey peeps! I'm super excited to finally own my bonneville bobber black in matte black!

I've had it for about 2 weeks now and I'm in love! Let me go ahead and tell you guys a little about myself and why I choose the bike in the first place.
Firstly I've always loved the looks of cafe racers and old school style bikes. I actually choose this bike because of my shortness. I'm 5'6" with a 28" inseam at 150lbs and chose the bike over my first choice the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 cause I could put both feet on the ground. I understand that its not too much of an issue for people, but it just instilled confidence in me.

Anyways I'm about to embarrass myself here, but I've already dropped the bike a few times while learning to ride for the first time. I know some people would recommend to buy a used bike for my first and learn from that, but I couldn't help myself Luckily it only fell over and scratched the bottom of the exhaust when i was coming to a stop and didn't transfer my weight well enough. Unfortunately though I've broken my clutch lever looking for a replacement as I type this. If you have any recommendations let me know!

I hope to be apart of this community and look forward to learning from here too!

Don't Lewd the Loli
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Congrats and welcome to the forum.

No such thing as a “wrong” first bike.
We all learnt how to ride ride at some stage and the main thing is to be safe and practice.
I highly recommend doing some courses/training that can teach you some GOOD habits and tips (including proper braking, obstacle evasion with mid corner braking, vision, placement on the road, etc)
Much better to drill these habits into you now, as unlearning the wrong technique is much harder! As a new rider I would spend the money on that and safety gear before any mods on the bike.

Don’t be embarassed about dropping the bike. You think i never dropped my Goldwing or Multistrada ??? Of course i did. No shame in it.

Regarding the levers, TEC make nice, cheap replacement levers. Not sure who sells them in the US, though. Maybe @AandJCycles ??

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Welcome and congrats! The Bobber was my 1st purchased street bike, but not the 1st I'd ridden. Always borrowed bikes from others.

I also recently dropped mine! Was very PO'd about it. I have dropped my dirtbikes ALOT, but never a street bike. My kick stand didn't fully seat before I hopped off the bike...

Again, welcome!
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I installed these levers. the Chinese do some things very well, levers is one of them.

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Don't beat yourself up about dropping a bike. It happens.

One of the first bikes that I ever rode was a Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750. (It was a killer bike and I am not referring to the way it looked.) It was one of the worst handling bikes of the day and one of the most powerful. It was definitely not for learners. Anyway, I walked into the Kawasaki dealership and said that I was thinking about learning to ride. The salesman handed me the keys to a Mach IV. I got back to the dealership in one piece and took home a 250cc bike.

Triumph Bobber Black
Porsche Macan Sport Edition (Black)
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My first bike was a spanking new CBR600 which I dropped on day 2, and a few other times in my first year. One of the early ones took off my brake lever, just as I was leaving to take it for it's first service.

So, don't beat yourself up about it, it's happened to many of us.

Welcome to the forum, and enjoy riding.
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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the forum! I also really like the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701, but definitely prefer the Bobber.

Per @eisen77 , now is the time to take a rider training course to develop good habits. I'm not sure where you are in SoCal, but Honda offers a fantastic rider training program in Colton that is really reasonably priced. They supply the motorcycles in their comprehensive, multi-day Learn to Ride program. Then you can return for their Advanced training where you can hone your skills on your Bobber. My wife and I have taken a number of their courses. Their facility is top notch as are their instructors.

Colton Rider Education Center - Honda Powersports

Enjoy your Bobber!
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Congrats and welcome to the forum. My advice to you and any new rider... Please attend a Motorcycle Safety Course. It will be the best money spent!
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first bike. As a new rider, dropping it is inevitable so just try to remain mindful of the mistakes you may be making. Better to fall now while you're still taking it easy.
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Hi sunrider! Welcome - the Bobber was my first bike after training and passing the test - I fallen off 3 times trying to do U turns, and once going around a tight bend - my pastor (as you'd say in the States) drove by as I was getting up! Somewhat embarrassing!
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