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Mother Road Custom seats

I love MRC and for the longest time I have been wanting to put one on my HD Roadster, but with the wife riding once in a while I really cant turn my HD Roadster Cafe Racer into a Bobber. Hence that's why I bought the Triumph Bobber. I am still interested in the MRC seat,but now for the Triumph Bobber, which is not offered. So I sent an email to MRC telling them about my interest, that I have an extra seat for them to borrow to create a seat prototype or something saleable. All I got from MRC was a nope, we dont have a seat but perhaps you can weld one.

Part of me says, keep buggin them until they create a non-welding/Plug n Play seat. I may recruit some folks from here to email MRC with a similar requests to see if they decide to do something. I am just saying.

You dont need to email them at the email address below...not trying to use my Jedi Powers on anyone, but if you decide to the email is there.

[email protected]

Who uses Yahoo anymore?
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