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Oil in the Blood moto documentary

I don't think anyone's mentioned here the recently released documentary on custom bike building, Oil in the Blood:


I haven't seen it yet, but will very soon, and am looking forward to drooling over what I am sure will be some really cool bikes. At the same time, I am sure we'll have to endure some of the "factory bikes suck" attitude that often comes along with custom bike building. I get the sentiment, and would love to have the know-how and the space & tools to build my own custom bike -- but failing that, I am also happy to have fun on my slightly modded "factory custom."

Anyway, I could be wrong about that being a part of the film, but will report back...
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Bobber owners beware: The Bobber is the object of direct scorn about 3/4 of the way through the film. Not entirely unexpected and not anything we haven't heard elsewhere before, so I just smiled through it.

Beyond that, the movie is mixed to me. The format is repetitive and gets a bit boring. It's really one talking head after another, even if often interesting talking heads that I like to hear from. It's almost entirely made up of interviews with custom builders and/or bike show organizers. To be fair, we are warned at the very beginning that "this is not a film about motorcycles, but about motorcycle people" or something like that. The problem is that hearing them talk makes me want to see the bikes more, and in more detail, which we rarely do. Plus, you tend to get six people in a row saying the same thing about the same topic, before moving on to another topic, in which six people say the same thing about it...

But of course the good part is that these are some of the most interesting builders out there, and it is nice to see and hear from some that I have followed a bit throughout their careers: Tony Prust of Analog, Jeremy Cupp in VA, the guys from Revival Cycles, Classified Moto, etc. These who appeal to me tend to be the more straightforward, bike oriented people. But there are also a few too many who try to wax poetical about motorcycles and the meaning of life, and as expected a tendency to look down on anyone who rides a factory bike.

So, to me worth watching, but not as good or compelling as it could have been.
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Yep, I think there are a lot of poseurs in the custom bike scene. Much better to let the bikes do the talking.
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Sounds like a missed opportunity to spread the gospel about moto ownership and riding. Personally, I donít get why people in the industry bad mouth (if thatís what they were doing) other segments of riding. I wouldnít ride a Gold Wing or a chopper but, I donít put them down either. Just not my cup of tea. Itís all in the family as far as Iím concerned. The more the merrier, on whatever. The industry has enough growth problems, or lack of it, to afford putting down various rides, etc. And, as we all know, the Bobber, is not one that should be put down.
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People scorn what they don't understand or appreciate. I like 'em all , but I love some.

So far behind , I think I'm in first place.
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