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The darker side .

My wife Is a first responder , she was called out last night on two separate motorcycle fatality's , I just found out that a guy that's In our face book group went down yesterday hes pretty banged up but he survived , I don't yet know the details of any of the accidents . But It makes me wonder If the thrill of riding Is worth the risk . I know a lot of people ride all their lives and have never been In an accident but these fatalities seems to be on the rise .
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Sorry to hear this mate.

I hear you. After riding most of my adult life, loosing both my older brothers and countless friends and having had more than my fair share of accidents, I know the reality. I've occasionally contemplated not riding occasionally for just those reasons.

For me personally, it continues to make me a safer rider. I try to think ahead of what cars may do and adjust my ride accordingly. I try to loose my ego, give drivers more space and keep well out of their way. Whether I am in the right or have the right of way is not important, as if you're dead, being in the right is a mute topic, so I always bear that in mind.

Non of the guarantees anything but I do my best to keep myself self and still enjoy riding.

The silver lining from these threads is that it is a reminder to all of us to do what we can to be safe.

Thoughts to those today who have lost someone. Staff safe folks.

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Terrible news... I’m a Firefighter, Often incidents like these can be highly traumatic for the emergency services staff on duty. Hope your Mrs is ok.

Sometimes I question risk, and the things that I do... but my of thinking is that I only have one life to live, and I need to live it doing the things I enjoy. If the time came when I stopped enjoying bikes, I would quit; however my bike is my escape and it keeps my mind healthy which means a lot to me 🤣
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Originally Posted by Roy View Post
Sorry to hear this mate.

I hear you. After riding most of my adult life, loosing both my older brothers and countless friends and having had more than my fair share of accidents, I know the reality. I've occasionally contemplated not riding occasionally for just those reasons.

Exactly the same, but I did Quit, twice, once for 2 years and once for 6 months.....

I just couldnt go through with driving lessons each time i had a trial one, i just bought a bike the next day instead.

If it's on your blood, you will ride past the time they take your licence away :P
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On Sunday a close friend of mine lost his life instantly when a deer came through the windshield of his SUV. Thankfully his wife survived her injuries. The accident occurred in an area where I love to ride, and often at a brisk pace.

We roll our dice and take our chances, but yes -- unfortunately a few of us are definitely going to roll snake-eyes.

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I used to be an EMT and saw more motorcycle fatalities than I care to talk about. I left the hobby for a decade during that time in my life. I came back with a bunch of conditions. I won’t ride at night and I prefer to ride away from the hubbub of people so I usually ride canyon roads, National Parks, etc.
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I temporarily took a break while I spent time in a wheel chair and then had to learn how to walk again.

It started out by going down in turn 3 at ca speedway. A guy walked up, pointed at me, and says “woah, dude broke his legs”

Almost died the next day during surgery, spent a few days in icu and then 2 more weeks in the hospital. It took about 8 months and a few more surgeries before I made my first steps again.

I don’t race or track anymore, but 2 years later, I could finally swing a leg over a bike again. 4 years later my fractures finally healed.
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I started riding when I was 14 years old (had a blue Motobecane in France where I lived as a kid [like the one in the picture]), and before then always dreamed of riding one day.
Later, in my early twenties, I only passed my car test because my employers wouldn't allow me to travel between sites on my bike.
I'm now 53, have never stopped riding, and have never contemplated's what I am.
My wife used to ride but stopped in preference of being a pillion, so we tour and travel together.
My 18 year old son aims to take his bike test next year.

I sincerely feel for those who have lost loved ones. Life is fragile whatever we do and wherever we are, but we all do live for a period of time.
It's how I choose to live that's important to me. My family understand, and I am very grateful for that.
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For me the greatest fear isn't perishing but being severely injured to the point of having no control over the remainder of my days.

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I am very sorry to hear about the losses all around (sorry Chico & Roy), and I have to admit every time I get on my bike there is that nagging voice at the back of the head that says, here we go again, taking on an added danger for the joy of riding. I rode dirt bikes (trail) for many years and dabbled with street bikes till I bought the Bobber. Call me lame, but it's always a concern...
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