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New Bobber seen

According to today's Motorcycle News, an updated Bobber has been spied during testing.
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Those front brakes would be excellent, but unless they raise the footpegs substantially its all a bit pointless.
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So 19” front tire with dual radial Brembo calipers and upside down forks with clip-ons? That’s a great classic looking setup.

I know it’s not going on the bike but that sensor rack setup is cool.

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Don’t think I’d be fussed on it myself... if I wanted a more performance oriented retro I’d buy a Thruxton.
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I totally agree with Bob and Whitetrash.

Be interesting to see the end product though.
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The poor test rider looks like heíd be more comfortable riding a broomstick!

Iím glad Triumph have listened to the end user and uprated all the parts necessary to make the bike a whole lot more enjoyable.
Like many on here, I would have no incentive to change. But itís still nice to see and Iíll gladly pay a visit to the dealership to take a look (especially at the frontend/brake setup) once it arrives.
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Big brakes are always cool to me. I miss the stoppers on my Thruxton R. Even the BB with its extra disc leaves me wanting for more power. I can get ABS to kick in, but not without a pretty heavy hand.

The USD forks are also cool, but the forks on the BB are not bad either. I wonder if they have changed the rake at all? The rear shock was definitely a needed upgrade. It would be interesting if they go with an Ohlins shock since the stock add on is a Fox unit.

I wonder if this guy is just really tall? He also looks more forward in the seat than I would expect. The Bobber is not a tiny motorcycle, but he really looks like he's on a pocket bike with the clip ons. I am seriously considering clip ons for my own bike, but I'm no mountain @ 5'10" so perhaps they'd fit me better.
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It looks interesting but not enough for me to change.

Triumph Bobber Black
Porsche Macan Sport Edition (Black)
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But we all know triumph, base model will be without all the spangly new bits which will be 'Optional Extras' to pad out your blank canvas.

But even if it comes fully loaded that's going to be a 14 to 15k base bike, would you......................?

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I honestly think this is nothing more than a personal shed build and some random guy snapped whilst out for a Sunday ride. I mean, just look at it... I canít believe Triumph would put there name to that thing at all... itís a mess!
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