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Unleaded vs. Super Unleaded

Just for an experiment, I thought I'd try a tankful of super unleaded the other day. I wasn't expecting anything in the way of a performance boost but the engine did seem a bit smoother and less snatchy going from closed throttle to open.

Is it my imagination or is this to be expected?

(I've got US spec Vance and Hines pipes plus an appropriate tune from the dealer - no other engine mods)
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I have filled with both regular and premium, but have not really noticed a difference. I have the booster plug, so not sure if that assists in anyway regarding variances in octanes. I have always thought that premium burns cleaner than lower octane levels, but I am no chemist to say why.

I put premium in 2 of my 3 cars, but that's because it requires it.
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I definitely felt a difference in my air cooled r1200r when I had it, but canít say I really feel a difference in the newer liquid cooled GSA or Bobber.
Itís been a while since I filled up with super unleaded on the Bobber, so Iíll give it a go the next time I refuel. The results may be more tangible now since Iíve had my ECU remapped by Hilltop.
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The super unleaded is probably better, but its a substantial price hike. I use it in my car as its direct injection. I agree with muensterDeath I think it burns cleaner so reduces the chance of carbon buildup in the intake, but as the bike doesn't use DI I dont mind using regular unleaded. I used to have a Mitsubishi DI car that was prone to problems with carbon buildup in the intake due to exhaust gas recirculation. The same model was sold in Japan and they claim they never saw the issue. The only difference was the Japanese fuel was generally equivalent to super unleaded.

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I use regular, premium is a waste of money. IMHO
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From what I have gleaned over the years from various sources the higher octane fuels have additives to prevent pre- detonation/knocking in engines with high compression ratios. There is no gain in power. It is possible that some engines are on the cusp of needing higher octane and therefore feel "happier" with a mid to premium fuel.

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The particular triumph tune that was loaded on my bike for V&H exhaust specified premium fuel.

If you have had that done, you are better off sticking to high octane to prevent detonation.
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At the end of the day, the tank capacity on the Bobber should make any nominal.....run premium if you like it!
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I've only ever run premium in my bikes. I did once use a tankful of regular in my dirt bike and noticed it was harder to start and felt a bit off. I believe premium is also less likely to deteriorate over time thanks to the additives which is ideal for the bikes which sometimes go months without use. A mate of mine with classic cars also uses premium exclusively for the same reason and he also reckons premium preserves the rubber fuel lines better.
For the extra couple of cents I'm happy knowing my baby is being fed the best diet 😊
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Carborater and premium = yeah!
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