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Bobber/Speedmaster Swap + Oil Level Lesson

I was fueling up this morning and a 2018 Speedmaster pulled up to the pump next to me. To my surprise the rider happened to be a casual acquaintance I hadn't seen for 20+ years. He seemed super intrigued by my souped-up Bobber Black, and I had never ridden a Speedy, so we agreed to to swap bikes and take a ride out into the country and back.

I wasn't a huge fan of the Speedmaster but I must admit that it had a super comfortable riding position, a classic bike feel, and the handlebars were kind of cool. Obviously it has a lot in common with my Bobber but the surprise was that the whole machine had a more vintage type feel than I expected.

Once we got out of town I noticed that the SM's engine, which I assumed was nearly identical to that of my Bobber Black, was a total pig. It revved reluctantly above 2,500 RPM and I couldn't even come close to keeping up with him as he accelerated away on my machine. I managed to get up to 65, then 70mph but the engine vibrated and struggled so badly I pulled off to the side of the road to look things over. He turned around and came back to see what was wrong. When I told him, he said "Yeah, I guess it hasn't been running real great since I serviced it" (he had done his own initial service). Neither of us could find any loose fasteners or plug wires or any tire/wheel problems. But then I noticed his oil level was above the top of the sight glass. We slowly rode to my home and drained enough oil out of it to get the level to where it should have been. After that it ran smoothly and accelerated like it should. He was stunned at the improvement in performance and I was amazed he had let it go on like that without becoming alarmed.

The lesson here is simple: DO NOT OVERFILL YOUR CRANKCASE OIL.

Anyway, someday I might pick up a used Speedmaster ...but I'm definitely not going to buy his!

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Great story, Great lesson!
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