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Spare a thought for Enoch

Hi folks....

I hope nobody minds me posting this... But I was hoping that the thoughts of decent like minded people and what I consider to be internet friends, will have a positive effect on the outcome...

Next Tuesday I begin an intensive course of Chemotherapy in an attempt to rid me of the big C

Iíve recently been diagnosed with ďHigh grade Non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Treatment is going to be tough, and on top of the lymphoma, I also have to deal with my Haemophilia, which will be exasperated by the Chemotherapy....

Iím determined to keep a positive frame of mind, and reading and contributing to the Bobber forum will be part of that.

Iím sure there will be down moments, and thatís where I hope you lot will come in, and give me a kick up the bum...
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Good luck Enoch! Sorry to hear your news - recently a very good friend of mine (with a Thruxton, poor chap!) had Stage III NHL diagnosed - looks like treatment is very likely to be effective but he's got 4 months of chemo too. Hang on in there and in a little while you'll be Bobbing merrily along again!
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Hi Enoch, sorry to hear your news. Hopefully youíll be back in the saddle before too long and kicking the big C to the kerb.
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Sorry to hear the news. A childhood buddy of mine dealt with NHL. 14 years and 4 kids later he's still being a pain in the ass. Good luck!
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Hi @Enoch ,

Really sorry to hear this but I think I speak for all of us when I say we are right there with you mate. Loads of good thoughts and wishes coming your way. Let us know how it all goes and if/when you get down just chime in here and we will support you brother.

All the best,

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Hang in there Enoch! I’m sure you’ll beat it.
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**** Man! Sorry to hear this! I share with you any positive chi I can.. I know what its like to deal..
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My Dentist just beat stage 4 leukemia, it was rough, but he did it!
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You can beat this! Just keep your mind positive through everything.

I’ve been watching my 8 month old battle stage 4s neuroblastoma that she was diagnosed with at 1 month old. Battling right along side her the whole way. She’s hopefully done with chemo and on the way to recovery. I once thought I was tough for learning to walk again after almost dying on a bike, but her strength amazes and inspires me.

Sending some positive thoughts your way so that your story can be an inspiration for others as well.
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Good luck Enoch! It will be tough but you can come out the other side. We'll do our best to keep your spirits up with silly Bobbery
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