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Turn Signal fell off

So am I the only one that has experience a turn signal falling off? The right rear fell off after my last ride. You can see there is a bolt under the turn signal stem that is used to hold it in place and it has loosened and the turn signal is gone. This bolt is at least 1/8" from tight. The left side is loose as well. The bike is at the dealer where they will evaluate if it is a warranty issue. At $100 a pop I would hope so. A little locktite would have helped. It looks like you have to drop the wheel to get access to the tail light assembly. You can't tighten these bolts that hold the turn signal in place unless you can remove the tail light.

Check yours before one goes missing.

Bike is a 2017 with 8000 km not that should make a bit of difference

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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully it’s covered under warranty.
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It sounds like an excuse to purchase an upgrade!
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Sorry about that mate but thanks for the heads up.

Time to check mine.


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You know what, I thought it was just me!

About 3 weeks ago I noticed my left rear signal was loose to the point you could see the bolt threads when looking straight down at it.
I figured out, the hard way, that I’d have to remove the entire thing and darned near have to take it apart to get to the bolt. it was tricky as heck to do without taking the rear wheel off, but got done either way. Didn’t think that much of it, just thought it was a loose bolt, especially being I’m the second owner.
Then about two weeks ago, after I got the first service done, I get home and the same light is loose again. wtf 😧!
I go through the motions of removing the whole thing again ( this time a bit quicker since I’ve done it already) to tighten the same bolt.
I did, however, use some locktite on both left & right signal bolts.
We’ll see if that does the trick.

If it does loosen again, as JC3D says, excuse for an upgrade.

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Originally Posted by JC3D View Post
It sounds like an excuse to purchase an upgrade!
thought of that as there are some great options available now but the Norton needs a Tri-Spark ignition so funds are limited. Plus I really like the stock look
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Just an update, the Triumph Tech determined that the turn signal was improperly installed at the factory and noted so on his report.
My bike is 3 months out of warranty but they are covering

Good news and that's $250.00 I can put towards a rocket 3.....lol

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I've noticed the same on my bike - especially the difficulty in getting to the rear lights without dropping the wheel, not something I feel particularly comfortable doing.

I've got the original US spec multifunction lights but they were fitted at the dealer at the behest of the original owner - the bike was their demo so I doubt very much there's much recourse for getting it done. I'll give it a go myself and stick a drop of lock on there...or maybe upgrade to the new E Spec multifunction lights and get them to do it

Mainly asking questions out of stupidity since 2017
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