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Riding through winter and on m'ways

Wondering whether to pull the pin on a Bobber but it will be my only bike.

My sensible head says the Yamaha Tracer 900!

Anyone using their's day-in, day-out for commuting, and also for longer journeys, day trips, maybe even overnight somewhere...? I can travel light - a change of skids and a toothbrush in my back pack

Be interested to hear what sort of life some of these Bobbers have been having since the launch.

I'm based in Surrey, England
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The bobber will do anything you want It to , the only draw back Is the small tank about 2.4 gallons , just make sure there Is a gas station every 100 miles or so . I have the BB and go everywhere on It long and short rides , IMO Its a keeper .
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I had similar reservations about getting the Bobber as a daily. However it’s proven to be a relaxed commuter. Frankly the best part of my commute is walking up to and walking away from the Bobber. After changing the tank and seat as well as adding a flyscreen, it’s also proven to be a decent all day tripper. It could easily be an only bike. But for more spirited riding, I prefer my Ducati 900SS Cafť Racer (which is not a good commuter).
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You will love every minute of riding the Bobber but, you need to make some accommodations if itís an only bike. No weather protection so some sort of windshield might be in order. Small tank for long trips so plenty of gas stops. Luggage can be done with a tail rack, backpack and although not my preference, saddlebags (although one member managed the Iron & Resin bag which looks great. A number of guys here have done some very serious long trips and managed it quite well. A seat change might be a consideration. Stock isnít bad but, there are much better options. All in all, itís a great motorcycle and with some changes, can be used for almost anything. Then again, there are some bikes that come equipped with a lot of these mods so itís all in the eyes of the beholder. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by vinnie View Post

Anyone using their's day-in, day-out for commuting, and also for longer journeys, day trips, maybe even overnight somewhere...? I can travel light - a change of skids and a toothbrush in my back pack
The Bobber really comes into it's own on short to medium dry runs. Of course you could commute everyday through winter on one but it'd be like commuting on a Panigale. Yes you could do it but why would you want to, when there are so many bikes out there that can do it so much better? The other problem is these aren't the sort of bikes that you can just throw a bucket of water over every three or four weeks to keep them looking there best they need a lot of TLC and don't even think about showing them salt!!!

But having said all that - no one buys a bike with their head everyone buys it with their heart, so if you love the Bobber go for it you won't regret it!
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Thumbs up

I use my Bobber to commute to work daily, even in the winter except when it snows or rains. My commute is 12 miles roundtrip so the tank was not much of an issue. Rode it up to my vacation home twice in the summer about a 4-hour ride and stopped 3 times to fuel up but could have done it in two but didn't want to risk getting stranded in the woods. I have since put on a 2018 Speedmaster tank (2 liters larger) but due to inclement weather have only ridden 4 times so I am not sure how much further I can go on a tank! I am looking forward to taking the trip to my vacation home in the spring to see the difference. The Bobber is my favorite bike ever! I have saddlebags so I even pick up milk and small grocery shopping on my way home. If you test ride it and you love it you will want to ride it everywhere.
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I live in Eltham, commute 5 days a week the 10 miles each way to work in central London 300 day a year (Ok i lie, when it's too icy to get the bike out of the back garden, I go wait on a platform for 4 hours for the dismal train service that runs yearly under 2 degrees or over 25 degrees but I digress.)

Distance, most my back will take is a tankful in any direction then home, but that's me, others on the forum have done 1k+ trips already so no general issues there.

Only thing to look out for is riding style - i don't change mine much regardless of the style of bike so I eat tyres (about 3k on a rear tops) and brake pads - 1,200 to 1,500 miles on sintered HH, don't get the dealer to swap them I got a bill for 70+vat for the pleasure!

This is the first bike in 10 year's i'm not going to swap out at the 2 year mark, just waiting til about April when i'm swapping the front sprocket down 1 tooth, I won't miss top end (over 90 is murder ass I'm a 6'4 sail!) and the extra go will be fun at the morning and evening Traffic Light GP.

================================================== =============
0-60 in .......oh! wait.... I really don't care anymore (but it's still 1200cc of raw throbbing Trumpet so bugger off Mr.Scooter!)
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vinnie have you looked at the Speed Twin ?
I have both, the bobber is great, the Speed Twin really is a fast all rounder WITH style,
much nicer than a tracer, which is 847cc waaay short on low down torque compared to the 1200 speedy2.
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Thanks for the info everyone.

Had a Scrambler about 10 years ago, which scratched that itch, so it's the Bobber or nothing.

Would probably be perfect to have both the Yam and the Bobber but I also like off-road and have both a trail and trials bike in the garage too. If I get in to trials more seriously this year, then the trail bike may go, in which case I could get another road bike, if my wife permits!
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I have the Bobber and a Goldwing. I could see adding a KTM790 Duke to the stable...
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