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Torn - Scotland or Euro Trip

Hi all,

On the verge of pushing the button for a tour of the North Coast 500 via an organised tour company... but I’ve just looked at the miles/time involved getting up and had a... holy sh1t moment. I’m based in Kent so to even reach the starting point in Inverness it’s 590 miles which equates to nearly 11 hrs on the bike. This would be split over two days, then allowing 5 days up there to cover the 500 miles around the North Coast and then of course another 590 miles back to Kent over two days.

Whilst I’m mad keen to do the NC500, 590 miles X2, of boring motorway ridding sounds painful, boring and like a waste of valuable time.

Which got me thinking... I’m a stones through from the Eurotunnel, so I can reach interesting roads, sights etc in a fraction of the time... and if, for example I set my sights on a destination like the Italian Lakes... I will overall still be covering similar distances to the NC500 Trip all in... but without the 1,180 miles of horrible U.K. motorway miles.

Pro’s of going the Euro route would be warmer weather, meaning I can pack less and travel lighter. More diverse range of sights etc. Edit... having said that there is the hassle factor of the Euro trip needing me to plan the whole thing and for sure it’ll cost more than the £650 for the tour of the NC500.

Cons... none except not doing the NC500 at this moment in time.

Curious to understand what you think folks?

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My vote is for a Europe trip.

Saying that, the NC500 sounds amazing too.
Why not think about using a transport company to take the bike to Inverness (and return) it for you?
Then you can just fly upto the meeting point fresh, ready to ride & take in all the North has to offer. Then drop it off and fly back down when you’re done.
I only say this cause those motorway miles sound like torture and can potentially ruin a lot of good memories.
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You have answered your own question, it's a no brainer, do you want to be cold & wet + tired or hopefully less so.
North coast trip is £650 + £140 ish fuel for up & back, could cover a bit of euro land for £800.
Whichever you choose I hope you enjoy it.
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Trirocketís right - Iíd go Europe as well. NC500ís great but the weatherís always a gamble.

Even the best road in the world can be rendered a miserable experience when itís pissing down.
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For me......riding 600 miles of freeway on a motorcycle is a non-starter. I would rent or buy a trailer and drive up with my bike in tow......or ship it the starting point.

If you are going by yourself a tour may have some advantage of built-in support and comrades in arms.

No tour-groups in Europe ? I would go with the weather.....

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I'm a Jock so you would think I'm biased, I would be if you were talking about doing the NC500 on a GS or Tiger Explorer or Tenere or Africa Twin etc (all good storage, lots of wind and rain protection and suspension that will cope with Bear's idea of pothole repairs), I'll toss my vote in going the Europe route too, Scotland will always be easy to visit, Europe perhaps less so in a year or 2.
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Euro tour, wait for global warming to dry Scotland up a bit
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While The Scotland tour sounds amazing, IMO, thereís not a lot of fun riding in inclement weather. Maybe, after itís over, you have that ďI did itĒ sense of accomplishment and a bit of superiority but, no way can it beat beautiful riding weather on beautiful roads on a beautiful motorcycle. And the different scenery, countries, etc, are a real high. So, for me, itís the Euro tour.
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Given your location I would probably opt for Europe. I used to go to University in Scotland and only had a bike at the time (a VFR750). The trip to Edinburgh was bloody grim. Eight hours on the M2, M25, M1 and A1 Generally rain all the way. Though on one return journey when it was actually sunny I went via the A68, which was a great ride, apart from all the signs about how many fatal crashes there had been every few hundred yards. The road has a lot of blind summits with crossroads which are a bit of a hazard in low visibility weather. Scotland is great once you get there but for me I would probably opt for Europe.
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Some friends of mine tour Europe. THey do it each year. Last year they managed 9 countries in 7 days which took some planning.
This year they are planning a tour France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

I have been invited along but they all ride Honda Grom bikes!
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