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Short rear fenders and rain...

Still trying to decide what I will do with the rear fender. Really love the looks of A&J's drastically cut down version, but the slightly longer alternatives by both Bike Brothers and Wunderkind are very nice too. (Don't think I'll do the official Triumph one, so as not to have to use their lights and side plate holder.)

I realize that one is giving up some protection from rain spray off the wheel, but just curious how much? Can anyone testify to any of the cut fenders as to weather they provide ANY protection at all..? Are they better than complete fender removal..? Or do I just accept that on the rare occasion I ride in the rain i will have a stripe on my back..? Thanks!

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I have to OEM short fender and the only time I caught rain I had a really nice stripe on my back. I usually never ride when raining so it doesn't bother me but it can be a show stopper IMO if you do ride in the rain.
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Aha Iíll let you know tomorrow pal Iím collecting my deleted rear fender tomorrow 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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As stated above, even with the triumph short fender, a wet road with get all over your back side. I canít imagine no fender at all. Rolling through a simple puddle would leave you tagged for the day.
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Short rear fenders and rain (or ANY kind of wet road) donít mix well.
Itíll leave you with a very dirty bike and stained jacket + helmet, no matter how small the amount of water or how slow you ride over it!

My Bobber is very much a fair weather bike cause of my short fender and I canít begin to imagine how bad it would be in very wet weather/flooded roads.
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As much as I like the look of the short fenders I have decided to retain the stock. I live in Thailand and it is very easy to get caught out by a sudden torrent and Jesus, when it rains it rains. With the stock fender I can head for cover reasonably unscathed and wait for it to pass. The beauty here is that the roads dry out really quickly so once the rain stops you can be good to go again in 10 minutes. Coffee shops everywhere so no biggy.
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