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Bobber suited for longer rides?

I might answer my own question here, but I'm considering a Bobber after having my Indian Chief Vintage stolen this week.

I just want to be able to take a day ride, maybe 400-500 miles, once or twice a year.

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My butt hurts after 30 minutes...
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I did 3000 km in 10 days.

backpack & I am 60 years old.
3.7L on average. Of course, I consume more than her, the evening at the hotel

everything is possible.
it's a choice.
and when I want to travel far and comfortably I take my car
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Totally depends...on the size of your a_ _, on the condition of your back, how much you want to carry with you, wind tolerance and not riding long stretches (over 120 mi. if you’re lucky) without a gas station. But, as
you see, guys are doing it all the time. So, it depends...
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It’s do-able. But would not be my first choice of bike.
Personally, my limit (at present) is about 300km on a day ride with the Bobber. The next day i was sore and had a migraine. So it’s not something I’ll be repeating until I can build up my touring tolerance bit by bit on the Bobber.
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I have no issues for 1 to 1-1/2 hours before stopping for a break. As mentioned it’s not as good for touring as some other bikes out there but then most of the other bikes don’t enable you to look as cool and as much fun as the Bobber so it’s a trade off
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I have been riding BMWs since the early 80's so my view about what makes a good long distance motorcycle is slanted. A BMW R1200RT or a BMW R1200GS is a good long distance motorcycle. I could ride a 500 mile day with no problems on a BMW.

IMHO a Bobber is a good short distance motorcycle. The Bobber is a good bike to ride for an hour. Get off, stretch your legs, scratch your butt, take a bathroom break, buy some gas, get something to drink, get back on and ride some more. Can you do that for 400 or 500 miles?

In my youth I might have been able to ride a Bobber for 400 miles. At 71 years of age, 200 miles is about my limit. If I go more than 200 miles I'll take my car.

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Skip I have followed your story over on the Indian forums, so sorry! I have done 2 400 mile trips on my Bobber with just a swingarm bag and tool bag. All my trips were with IMRG riders, they love it. You will not be as comfortable as your Vintage but very doable and you will love the handling. It will be perfect for 95% of your trips. If you have bad knees the forward controls are great.
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In my previous post I was at work, more time now! Skip, as you know the Vintage is a better touring bike then the Bobber will ever be. As I own both, I feel I can give an objective answer.

I have done (2) 400 mile trips on the Bobber. Firstly, fuel management is important, the Bobber has a very cool looking but small tank! I always show up for a ride with a full tank. By myself it's not an issue. When riding with an Indian group they are usually a "mature" bunch and do a comfort stop in less then 2 hours, so not a problem. If there are Scouts in the group they have to stop anyway. If it's my Harley buddies some are in their mid 20s or thirties but they go less far then the Indian riders and if there is a Sporty in the group they have to stop anyway!

Comfort wise you need to try it for yourself. If you don't like the bars or seat or whatever just remember Triumph makes over 150 accessories and the aftermarket is growing daily. The stock seat is comfortable and so is the Quilted, stay away from the Statement seat, you will pay for that cool look, I have all three. The seat is adjustable forward or back and goes down as it goes back. The optional Apehanger bars are super comfortable for me, as they are for many!

The Bobber handling is great. My Harley buddies don't want to get off the thing, it's a gas to ride. 90 HP bicycle is the most common quote, everyone is smiling when they come back! If you are near the 185 lb target weight of the stock shock you mite be fine. If you are a big lad then the optional Fox shock or a Matrix may be better , they are fully adjustable, but expensive. You will not get the "riding on a cloud feel " of the Vintage though! You will love that Triumph accessories are about a third of the cost of Indians.

Every year the Vintage gets harder to maneuver around the garage with cars, other bikes etc., Not so the much lighter Bobber.

Everyone compliments the Bobbers looks and thinks is is a meticulous restoration, much more so then the Indian! When we were at the bottom of Mt Equinox I was parked next to my buddies $40K RM Elite and about 3 people walking by said "gorgeous Triumph" I was embarrassed for him!

In short the Bobber is just a super fun ride. I have a great bunch of bikes in the garage that have mostly sat since I bought the Bobber! Give it a test ride!
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First off, really sorry your ride got stolen. That sucks.

But my opinion is that no, the Bobber would not be good for a long trip.

The seat height is lower than the bonnevilles, so a wind screen would be more effective, but the ergonomics of the bike aren't conducive for long rides. The seat isn't great, and the mid controls and tracker bars are uncomfortable for taller people. Perhaps with a few mods (apes/forwards) it would be a better ride, but as it is now, I think the new Bobber is better for bar hopping. I rode one for 30 minutes the other day and I was ready to throw in the towel. It's an awesome looking bike though.

The speedmaster would be better for a 500 mile trip, but really a Harley or Indian would be ideal. That is, after all, what they're manufactured for.
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